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Beloved Hope

July 10, 2017
Beloved Hope Book Cover Beloved Hope
Heart of The Frontier, Book #2
Tracie Peterson
Christian Fiction
Bethany House Publishers
July 4, 2017
Net Galley

Description of Beloved Hope

A Compelling Novel of Forgiveness and Hope from Leading Author Tracie Peterson

Hope Flanagan survived the massacre at the Whitman Mission, but at terrible personal cost. Safe now in Oregon City, she lives with her sisters, Grace and Mercy, and Grace’s new husband, Alex. As she spends her days tending their flock of sheep, Hope’s mind and soul are slowly healing. Yet, though she was once surrounded by suitors, she has no interest in giving her heart again after the man she loved died in her arms.

Hope’s precarious new peace is shattered when those responsible for the massacre are captured and put on trial. She is asked to testify against them, but she’s not sure she can bear to relive the events of those horrific days.

As Hope struggles to free herself from the pain of her past, Lance Kenner, an Army lieutenant, brings an unexpected ray of light into her life. But what will Lance think of her if he learns the truth behind her anguish? And what secrets lie in his past?

My Review of Beloved Hope

This book is the second installment in Tracie Peterson’s Heart of the Frontier series. In this novel Hope Flanagan is struggling to live her life as a survivor of the massacre at the Whitman Mission. She is content to live a reclusive life out in the country with her two sisters and brother in law until the Indians responsible for the massacre are arrested and brought to Oregon City for trial. Hope is asked to testify against the men. She is forced to relive the most horrible time in her life. She isn’t sure she can be in the room with the Indians and testify.

Lieutenant Lance Kenner is charged with insuring the safety of the Indians until after the trial. He meets Hope when she attempts to kill one of the Indians. Though he can understand her sentiment, he can’t allow her to kill his prisoner. He decides to help Hope get past her fear and hopefully closer to him.

This is a beautiful story about God’s faithfulness. Hope was so lost after her ordeal at the mission. She was angry, afraid and ashamed. She was existing, but not truly living. It wasn’t until she drew closer to God and started seeking His counsel that she was able to find the peace she so desperately sought.

I loved the characters in the story. I think the author did a beautiful job of making the Flanagan sisters people we can identify with. They are strong, willful women who love each other with all their hearts. They are also compassionate women who do their best to help others in need. The men in their lives have the perfect characteristics that each sister needs.

I was fortunate to receive a copy of this book from Net Galley. I loved the first book in the series, Treasured Grace, and was looking forward to this second book, Beloved Hope. These books can be read as stand alone books, but I recommend reading them in order to get the full picture of what all transpired on the trip west.

I have a friend who loves historical fiction and I know just what series I’m getting her for her birthday. If you pick up a copy of the book let me know what you think.


About the Author

Tracie Peterson is the bestselling, award-winning author of more than one hundred books. Tracie also teaches writing workshops at a variety of conferences on subjects such as inspirational romance and historical research. She and her family live in Montana.

Visit Tracie’s web site at:

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