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Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

June 30, 2015


dog-on-back-in-grassCan You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?
I’d love to give a resounding YES as the answer to that question. I say I’d like to, because there are some days I’m not so sure. I use my laptop everyday to catch up with what is happening within my sphere of friends on Facebook, I play a few games, I post pictures, I research all kinds of things for the novel I am currently writing, but come time to try to post this blog to a website or two… I will be pulling my hair out. I will swear I will never write another blog post again. I hope I’m not jinxing myself, but it has happened so many times before ,it is almost a forgone conclusion that it will happen again. I have had people try to explain to me how to post to different sites. I have even taken “blogging 101″ put out by wordpress itself. I have to ask myself, Are younger people just born knowing how to do these things?

I belong to a wonderful writing group 10 Minute Novelists. Every Monday is Monday Blogs. The idea is all of the authors and author wannabes get into the habit of writing a blog post on Mondays. Then you upload or download, (see why I have so much trouble?) your post to the 10 Minute Novelist site. There are currently 1,046 members to that site. That is quite a bit of exposure right there. Then for the icing on the cake, a member of that group is Rachel Thompson. (Rachel’s BadRedhead Media is a consulting service Chosen by BlogWorld, 3/12: 1 of 23 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About Blog to Book, mentioned twice in Forbes & profiled on! Now a columnist for the San Francisco Book Review ,BadRedhead Says… and guest writer for 12Most and BitRebels). She has a plethora of information on all the how to’s of blogging. Check out her page

So in an attempt to teach this “old dog a new trick”, I am going to devote my morning to going to Rachel’s pinterest page and reading about what makes a good blog and hopefully how to post these things so other people can follow me on my journey and maybe learn a new trick or two themselves. If you are technology challenged like me, you might find it amusing to follow my journey as I write my novel and try to market it. For any of you who have already forged through the labyrinth of writing, branding, blogging, self publishing and survived, I welcome any and all helpful suggestions.

Are you willing to learn new things or do you like to stay with the comfortable “tried and true”? I am counting on Rachel’s pinterest page being able to teach this “old dog” a few new tricks.

Okay, that’s it for today. I’m digging into Rachel’s pinterest page.


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