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Candle’s Christmas Chair

January 5, 2016
Candle's Christmas Chair
Jude Knight
Historical Fiction
December 15, 2014


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Description of the book

When Viscount Avery comes to see an invalid chair maker, he does not expect to find Min Bradshaw, the woman who rejected him 3 years earlier. Or did she? He wonders if there is more to the story. For 3 years, Min Bradshaw has remembered the handsome guardsman who courted her for her fortune. She didn’t expect to see him in her workshop, and she certainly doesn’t intend to let him fool her again.

My review of Candle’s Christmas Chair

What a delightful love story. Minerva Bradshaw (Minnie) makes invalid’s chairs. Lord Avery is in the market for an invalid chair for his mother. The two have met before. Three years prior at a house party. They were both taken with each other but a devious brother sister duo kept them apart.
Candle (Lord Avery) is enchanted with Min and is determined to court her. Though Min is attracted to Candle she feels that they could never have a relationship that would end in them marrying and living happily ever after. They are from two different worlds. Aristocrats do not marry working class.
Candle woos Min with his genteel manners and flowers. I loved learning about the language of flowers from this book.
I do not want to spoil the actual story for you. I will tell you that it is very well written. I can vividly picture the setting from the beautifully detailed descriptions the author painted in my mind. The characters are adorable. You will be hoping they get their happily ever after. It is a short book only 82 pages so you can easily sit down and read it in an afternoon.
I highly recommend you purchase this book. You won’t regret it if you are looking for a good clean romance.


About the author


Jude Knight has been telling stories all her life: making up serial tales to amuse her friends and children, imagining sequels to books that have moved her and left her wanting more, occasionally submitting short stories to magazines and the radio, starting more than a dozen novels set in different times and places.

She has devoted most of the last forty years to a career in commercial writing and raising a large family (most recently as grandmother-in-residence while a daughter was out of action for three years). She and her own personal romantic hero, with whom she has shared those forty+ years, now live with two cats and frequent visitors in a small town in rural New Zealand.

Judy wrote and published her first historical romance in 2014, and now has the wind in her sails and a head full of strong determined heroines, heroes with the sense to appreciate them, and villains you’ll love to loathe.

About Terry Houchin

Hi, my name is Terry Houchin. I live on the on the Gulf Coast of Texas with my husband of thirty-eight years and our two dogs, Miley and Shadow. I have two grown sons and a grandson. I am a retired teacher who loves gardening and reading. I am currently working on writing a novel.

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