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By The Hands of Men, Book Three: The Wrath of a Righteous Man

May 17, 2016
By The Hands of Men, Book Three: The Wrath of A Righteous Man
Book 3
Roy M. Griffis
Historical Fiction
May 16, 2016


Description of The Wrath of a Righteous Man

Continuing the epic story of the “By Hands of Men” series, a man and a woman, torn apart by fate, forge their own destinies in the world after the Great War. Escaping her enslavement in Russia, Charlotte Braninov fights to build a new life in London while the shadow of modern fanaticism looms over Europe. Robert Fitzgerald faithfully serves the Crown in Africa until honor compels him to risk everything to overcome an ancient evil, only to discover that the greatest war rages within himself.

My review of the Wrath of a Righteous Man

Book three in the By the Hands of Men saga begins with Charlotte and her three traveling companions on a ship bound for London. They are malnourished, bruised and banged up, but they all have survived the abuses of the Red Army. They are looking forward to what awaits them in London.
The three become beloved of the crew aboard the ship. Nikolai and Charlotte use their medical skills to help the crew while Zlata entertains them with her feeding and exercising Liberte.
Meanwhile, Robert Fitzgerald is in Africa. He is forced to deal with cannibals, white hunters and native people who have little regard for British interference in their country.
Robert finds he can lead men and he can kill men. But at what cost his own soul. He decides to leave the service and follow his heart.
A wonderful tale of the many difficulties that were present after the great war was over. The climate was rich for hatred of entire cultures. The atmosphere after the war was presented beautifully. The characters are people we have come to love. They continue to grow stronger having risen from their multitude of predicaments.
Another beautifully done book, but alas it is not the final book in the series. There is to be one more book. I am so ready for Charlotte and Robert to be on the same continent, find each other, and have their “happily ever after.”
If you have been following along with the first two books in the series, I am sure you will love Book 3. Roy Griffis is a talented writer. Give him a try.

About the author

61xK-h626wL._UY200_ Roy M. Griffis

Born in Texas City, TX, the son of a career Air Force meteorologist. Attended a variety of schools at all of the hot spots of the nation, such as Abilene, Texas and Bellevue, Nebraska.

Sent to my grandparent’s house in Tuscon, Arizona when things were tough at home. I was pretty damn lost, as my grandparents were largely strangers to me. My older brother, a more taciturn type, refused to discuss what was going on. Fortunately, like so many kids before me, I was rescued by literature. Or, at least, by fiction. In a tiny used bookstore that was just one block up from a dirt road, I discovered that some good soul had unloaded his entire collection of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “John Carter of Mars” series in Ballantine Paperback. Moved by some impulse, I spent my RC Cola money on the first book, “A Princess of Mars.”

I think what struck me was how these books were possessed of magic: they were able to transport me far from this dusty land of relatives who I didn’t know and relatives pretended not to know me to another dusty land of adventure, heroism, nobility, and even love. It was the first magic I’d encountered that wasn’t a patent fraud, and when I closed the stiff paperback with the lurid images on the cover, I decided it was the kind of magic I wanted to dedicate the rest of my life to mastering. And, thus, I was saved.

Since then, I’ve never looked back. I’ve written poems, short stories (twice runner-up in the Playboy college fiction contest), plays (winning some regional awards back East and a collegiate Historical Play-writing Award), and screenplays. I’m a member of the WGAw, with one unproduced screenplay sold to Fox Television.

Along the way, I’ve done the usual starving artist jobs. Been a janitor, a waiter, a clerk in a bookstore. I was the 61st Aviation Rescue Swimmer in the Coast Guard (all that Tarzan reading wasn’t wasted). I’m also not a bad cook, come to think of it.

Currently, I’m a husband, father, and cat-owner. I’m an avid bicyclist and former EMT. I live in Southern California with my lovely wife. My friends call me “Griff,” my parents call me “Roy,” and my college-age son calls me “Dadman.” It’s a good life.

By the Hands of Men, Book Three: “The Wrath of a Righteous Man” will be released in May, 2016

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