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Holy War

July 13, 2015
Holy War
Mike Bond
Mandevilla Press
March 5, 2014
Net Galley

51RxhdgTBoL._AA160_Holy War by Mike Bond

This is a novel about a religious war from three different perspectives.The first is told by a war correspondent, Neill. He is given this assignment because of his former relationship to the Hezbollah leader, Mohammed’s wife. The British MI 5 hope that they may be able to convince Mohammed to stop his terrorist attacks.

The second perspective is through the eyes of a man who wants revenge, Andre. His brother was killed during a terrorist attack on French barracks. He also is out to find Mohammed.

The third perspective is though the eyes of Rosa, a young Palestinian woman. She is for lack of a better word a “purist”. She wants to kill all Christians simply because she believes them to be the enemy. She appears to have no morals. She is part of Mohammed’s inner circle.

This book was interesting in that I think the author gave, what I imagine, is a realistic feel for the civil war in Lebanon. From what I know of the conflict between Palestine and Israel, I imagine there would be people who believe passionately, like Rosa, that their way is the only way. I also imagine there are many who want revenge for the loss of innocent loved ones.

While I found the topic of this book interesting, the way it was written was not to my liking. It was hard to follow the plot of the book. It would be flowing in one direction then take off in a completely different direction. The flashbacks were at times unnecessary to moving the story forward.

I think the characters could have been better developed also. The only one we really got a personal insight into was Rosa. Overall, I did not care for this book. It is classified as a thriller which I think is a misconception.

I do appreciate NetGalley supplying me with a copy of this book.

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