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I’ll Take Forever

August 1, 2016
I'll Take Forever
Barbara McMahon
Romantic Suspense
December 21, 2011


Description of I’ll Take Forever

When Jenny Warwick is asked to provide cover for a DEA agent so he can infiltrate the small town where she lives, she reluctantly agrees, unable to believe any of her neighbors would be involved with drugs.

Before long everyone in town thinks there’s a romance blooming between her and the new man in town. Kyle is not looking for romance, especially the forever kind. Yet he plays the devoted suitor so well, only Jenny knows it’s part of Kyle’s cover. Or is it?

My review of I’ll Take Forever

I’ll Take Forever is about a widow, Jenny Warwick who provides a cover story for a DEA agent, Kyle Martin while he is trying to infiltrate a local marijuana farming ring.

Though I wouldn’t think that this is the way things are usually done with undercover DEA work, I think it makes for a good romantic read. Jenny isn’t looking for a romance. She is still grieving for her husband. Kyle doesn’t believe that his work is conducive to any long term relationship. So the two of them fight their attraction toward each other.

If you just look at the story from the standpoint of their relationship developing, them getting to know each other….it is good. It is a short, fun read. Give it a try.

About the author

618vDxB-6jL._UX250_ Barbara McMahon

USA Today Bestselling and award-winning author Barbara McMahon has written more than 80 novels which have sold more than 16 million copies world wide. Known for her heartwarming, emotional stories, she excels in capturing those special feelings when first falling in love.

Her books have won a number of awards including the Bookseller’s Best, National Readers Choice Award and the prestigious HOLT Medallion.

For a complete list of books or to contact Barbara, visit her website:

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