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Nashville – Part Three – What We Feel

March 1, 2017
Nashville - Part Three - What We Feel Book Cover Nashville - Part Three - What We Feel
Nashille - Book Three
Inglath Cooper
Fence Free Entertainment, LLC

Description of What We Feel

The Nashville series. A Contemporary Romance set in the heart of country music. . .Nashville.
Hunky musicians Holden Ashford and Thomas Franklin rescue Nashville bound CeCe MacKenzie and her Walker Hound Hank Junior from the side of the road when her car catches on fire. A less determined girl might have let her dreams go up in smoke as well, but not CeCe. She’s been singing all her life, and she just wants a chance to do the thing she loves in a place where music is part of the fabric of life. As it turns out, Holden and Thomas want the same thing, and it isn’t long before they’re all chasing after the dream together.

Falling in love hasn’t figured in to CeCe’s plans, but the moment she sets eyes on Holden, her heart is asking why not? Holden is drawn to her as well, but he already has someone in his life, Sarah who still lives in Atlanta, Sarah who loves him. Who he thought he loved back until CeCe makes him realize he hadn’t really known that love could turn him inside out.

But an unexpected visit from Sarah brings to light a terrible truth and Holden is faced with a choice between doing the right thing or permanently defining himself as a guy he never thought he would be.

It is only in letting each other go that both Holden and CeCe will come to understand that in life and love, the part that’s real is what we feel.

My review of What We Feel

This book is about how CeCe and Thomas continue on with their music career while Holden moves on with his new career in Atlanta.

Cece has learned to accept her new life without Holden. She even has a new man in her life and life is good, mostly. She is happy to be making music with Thomas. She enjoys  singing in the clubs and meeting new people.

Then Holden receives an offer for a song he has written. Things are put into motion that will change all three of their lives.

This book had some twists I didn’t see coming. These twists made the story a real page turner. If you’ve fallen in love with these characters like I have, you will want not want to miss out on this book. Pick up a copy and curl up for a few hours. I don’t think you will be sorry you did.


About the author

RITA AWARD WINNING AUTHOR INGLATH COOPER writes books that aim to give her readers a mini-vacation. A stretch of time during which they can visit other places and other people’s lives. Her books have reached the top 100 Amazon Kindle Bestseller list, with Truths and Roses hitting #11.

Inglath Cooper’s Nashville series became a reality after she spent time in Music City, writing lyrics with other songwriters. She fell in love with the community and gets to revisit regularly through her characters.


About Terry Houchin

Hi, my name is Terry Houchin. I live on the on the Gulf Coast of Texas with my husband of thirty-eight years and our two dogs, Miley and Shadow. I have two grown sons and a grandson. I am a retired teacher who loves gardening and reading. I am currently working on writing a novel.

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