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No One’s Bride

October 3, 2016
No One's Bride Book Cover No One's Bride
Escape to the West Book 1
Nerds Leigh
Christian Romance
August 29, 2016

Description of No One’s Bride

A mail order bride with no intention of marrying, a young postmaster determined to change her mind.

It’s 1870 and Amy Watts needs help, money, and to get as far away from New York City as possible, and her only hope is to answer an advertisement for a mail order bride. The last thing she wants, however, is a husband.

When her plan to trick the postmaster of the small Californian town of Green Hill Creek into paying her way across the country goes awry, her guilty conscience compels her to stay and find a way to repay him the cost of the train ticket. The trouble is, she’s completely unprepared for the effect of Adam Emerson’s kindness, charm, wit, and ridiculously blue eyes.

As her dream of a new life in San Francisco begins to falter and her past catches up with her, can Amy hold onto the one thing she never thought she’d want, but now can’t bear to lose?

This uplifting Christian romance will transport you to a time of courageous women searching for a better life and the strong men dedicated to winning their hearts. Buy now and lose yourself in this heartwarming love story.

My review of No One’s Bride

I am amazed that an author from the United Kingdom could write such a good story about the old west.

Amy was written as a strong character. She has a problem and she solves it, but sometimes the Holy Spirit impresses upon her heart that maybe her actions are not  the right choice. As is the case with tricking Adam into paying for her train ticket when she has no intention of marrying him. To her credit, she tries to make amends to Adam.

Adam seems to be a meek or timid man where females are concerned. He is beloved by all who know him in the town of Green Hill Creek, but when it comes to Amy he is not quite sure what to do to convince her to stay.

The villain of the story, Amy’s former employer, is crafted very well. I can picture him perfectly.

As I said in my opening statement, the setting is beautifully described. I can picture the small 1870’s town and it’s inhabitants.

I loved watching Amy and Adam put their faith into practice. They tried not to act impulsively and  to seek the Lords guidance first.

If you like Historical Christian Fiction, this one is a must read. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Give it a try and let me know what you think.


About the author


Nerys Leigh is from the UK, which you would think puts her in a unique position to not write about mail order brides in the American west, but the old adage of writing what you know has never appealed to her. She has an American read each book before publishing to make sure she hasn’t gone all English on it.

She can be found relaxing and generally enjoying the view at and


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