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Remembering Lauren

September 26, 2016
Remembering Lauren Book Cover Remembering Lauren
Misha Jordan
Mystery, Thriller
August 1, 2016

Description of Remembering Lauren

After a brutal attack in the city leaves her scarred, Nikki Freeman flees to the sleepy little town of Glenwood, Florida for a chance to regroup and find peace again. Small town living brings challenges of its own and she struggles to find her place in this deep rooted community. What she doesn’t count on is discovering Glenwood has a few not-so-sunny secrets hidden in its recent history.

Encouraged by her new friends and haunted by her past, Nikki delves into the mystery of a young girl who vanished seven years earlier, the night before Prom. Had she not survived her own attacker, would she have been forgotten as well? As her investigation leads to unexpected places, she’s forced to ask herself just how much she’ll risk to find a stranger.

My Review of Remembering Lauren

What a thrilling read!

Misha Jordan has written a wonderful mystery/thriller! (In my humble opinion) You must have guessed that I liked the book a lot by my five star rating. (I don’t give five stars very often)

This novel is one that will be enjoyed by people who like a good mystery. Right from the very beginning when we find out that Lauren Weston’s disappearance has gone unsolved for seven years we know that Nikki is going to find out what happened. The author has us wanting her to succeed because we feel awful for all of the injustices Nikki has had to bear in her life. We like her too. She is a sweet, kind hearted young woman. She may be a little naive or delusional at times, but that just adds to her charm.

This story will also keep the crime thriller readers engrossed right up to the final chapter. I figure the author’s police background will keep those who like to know all of the particulars involved in solving a crime interested. The details are slowly revealed over the course of the novel like a bread crumb trail leading us to the treasure at the end. Or in this case the answer to “What happened to Lauren”?

For me though, I appreciate the well thought out plot. The plot points were perfectly placed to keep the suspense at just the right pace.

The characters were very well developed. I could totally picture this tight knit group of friends. The dynamics of the personalities within the group of friends played an important role in the story.

If you love a good mystery/thriller you owe it to yourself to give this one a try. Let me know what you think. I always love to hear readers opinions on the books I review.


About the author

meisha-jordan   Misha Jordan

A former police officer turned financial analyst, Misha Jordan enjoys writing mysteries and thrillers. A member of the Tallahassee Writer’s Association, she actively collaborates with local writers to continually hone her craft and support authors of all experience and genre. Misha is a native Floridian, currently residing in Tallahassee with her husband, daughter and two adorable furr-babies. Her hobbies include cosplay at Renaissance Faires and conventions, rock painting and gaming (both table top and online). In addition to supporting her local animal shelter and encouraging the public to adopt a pet/save a life, Misha also encourages everyone to check out the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children website ( often and really look at the pictures and information inside. You never know when you might be in a position to help a family who is missing a loved one.

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