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January 8, 2018
Tate Book Cover Tate
C. J. Petit
Historical Fiction
Amazon Digital
December 3, 2017
C.J. Petit

Description of Tate

Laramie had just been hit by the Clayton gang, leaving Sheriff Joe Tate without any deputies to serve the entire county. But, as bad as the gunfight had been, the visitor to his office to file a complaint for something that wasn’t even a crime turned out to be much more significant and life-changing.

My review of Tate

Until a week ago, I hadn’t even heard of C.J. Petit. I belong to a writing group, 10 Minute Novelists, and some people were talking about what a prolific writer he was and that he writes westerns, so naturally I had to read one of his books.

I loved the plot, very well thought out. Kept the action and suspense going throughout the entire novel at just the right pace.

The characters were very well developed. I especially liked the character Ned, I hope his character gets written into another book.

I agree with some of the other reviews that commented on the grammar and spelling mistakes. It bugged me, but not enough to make me stop reading the novel. You take a risk when you read self published novels, you never know if they have been edited well or not.I know some people who will not even read a self published book for that very reason. Me, personally, it won’t keep me from purchasing a book. I have too many friends who self publish to let that fact alone keep me from purchasing their books.

I am very impressed with the writers voice as well as the plot and characters.

Over all I liked the book. I would recommend the book to others who like westerns.This book has plenty of action, but more importantly it tells about the people. Joe and Katie’s back stories reveal so much about what they have been through and helps us to understand why they react the way they do to things in the present.

If you like westerns you need to give C.J. Petit a chance. If you are picky about the editing and want a polished manuscript, you’d better skip his novels.

Hope to hear from you.

Hope you have a great week.


About the author

C.J. Petit-I spent my first eighteen and half years in Warwick, Rhode Island. Then I enlisted in the Air Force on October 18, 1968 and headed for Lackland AFB outside of San Antonio for basic training. The Air Force kindly asked which career field I would like to choose. Thanking them for their thoughtfulness, I wrote on the form, ‘anything but a medic’. After twelve years as a medic, I finished my undergrad work and went into ICBM operations. Thirteen years later, l retired and went to work for the City of Bellevue, Nebraska as a computer geek. If someone can see a pattern to all this so far, let me know.

Twenty months after retiring from the Air Force, I was diagnosed with Stage IVB cancer of my lymph glands in my neck. In typical male behavior, I had noticed my glands getting larger for months, but, like most men, blew it off. My wife saw me rubbing my neck and asked what the problem was and that resulted in a doctor’s visit. A lot of doctors’ visits.

The cancer was obliterated by ten weeks of radiation treatment, but the cure did have some long-term effects. But, against all odds, I’m still here. I retired again in 2011 because the radiation damage had a serious impact on my functionality.

Because I was limited in what I could do, I was getting directionless. I was bored. Being bored when you’re sixty-six is bad. So, I read a lot, especially westerns. But, as a rule, I was dissatisfied because they would leave out the relationship aspect of the characters or leave me wondering what became of them.

Like many others, I always wanted to write a book. So, on December 9, 2016, I sat down and began to write a western that didn’t neglect the emotional side of life. By the middle of January, I had written four. My daughter suggested that I self-publish on Amazon. I was ambivalent about it. I only wrote for the enjoyment of writing. I learned a lot by doing the research. I knew I wasn’t writing Great American Fiction. I was writing stories. My heroes are all good men and the women are survivors of an unfair life. The bad men are bad and the good always triumph. I apologize to those who expect deeply flawed characters as we all are. I see enough of that in the news every day.

I gave in and put them on line. I charged as little as possible. This wasn’t about making money. It was just putting them out there. I continued writing and publishing, and, by the end of June had published twenty-two. I had to re-edit them all because of typos. It’s difficult to edit your own stuff because you see what you meant to write, not what you typed. My apologies to all those who’ve pointed that out.

I’ll continue writing because it keeps me going. I may still have typos. On second thought, I’ll definitely still have typos, but try to limit them.

Through all my physical changes and now my writing, the one constant has been my wife. My Elf and I have been married for 35 years now. I rarely call her by her first name. I use seven other names in addition to her real one, but she never calls me by my first name. I’m her Hub. We get along. Our 35 years have seemed so much shorter. I still smile when she comes into the room. She’s a very special lady.

We have two children, both in their thirties now. Our son received his BA in English at Creighton University and writes better than I do. Our daughter is now a principal at an elementary school and is writing her dissertation for her doctorate.

If it’s one thing I have learned from life is that love is critical to have a complete life. Without it, life is no more than existence. I have a complete life.


About Terry Houchin

Hi, my name is Terry Houchin. I live on the on the Gulf Coast of Texas with my husband of thirty-eight years and our two dogs, Miley and Shadow. I have two grown sons and a grandson. I am a retired teacher who loves gardening and reading. I am currently working on writing a novel.

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