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The House on Windridge: Also includes Bonus Story of Lucy’s Quilt by Joyce Livingston

May 30, 2016
The House on Windridge
Tracie Peterson
Christian romance
Barbour Publishing
July 1, 2016
Net Galley


Description of The House on Windridge

When her mother dies in childbirth, Jessica’s father sends his infant daughter from his ranch in Kansas back to New York to be raised by an older aunt. But Aunt Helen only cares for social standing and proprieties. She tells Jessica nothing of her father’s offers to take her back and instead pushes Jessica into an arranged marriage with a man who turns out to be abusive and unfaithful. When her aunt and husband die, Jessica is alone in the world except for her infant son. She learns of her father’s death and determines to rebuild her life at Windridge, the ranch where her life began. But appearances are not always reliable, and Jessica doesn’t know who she can trust. Will Windridge become the home she has always searched for, or will it be the scene of her final betrayal?

My review of The House on Windridge

What a beautiful story! Jessica lived her entire life in  New York City with her Aunt Helen. Her mother was dead and she thought her father didn’t care about her. Little did she know, her father may have been in Kansas, but he cared for her deeply.

Jessica’s character was one I had a hard time connecting with. I just didn’t get why she was so over dramatic about Ryan. Why did she think they were trying to steal her baby?First, a childless friend of her’s in New York City and next Buck, Kate and Devon at Windridge. It just seemed a bit over the top. I get she was insecure and she’d had a hard life. It was unusual her friend’s mother trying to pay her for Ryan.

Then I started thinking about me and my friends. I guess there are things in all of our lives that we blow up out of proportion. This fear that someone would take her place as the most important person in Ryan’s life was what Jessica blew out of proportion. This was her greatest fear.

She learned by the end of the story that it takes a village to raise a child. She and Ryan were very blessed to have so many people in their lives that helped them and loved them. She learned how to let others help her and how she could help others.

The story moved along at a good pace. There was just enough conflict, but not too much, so it was a believable story.

One of the things I like about Tracie Peterson’s books is that they are Christ centered not touches of religion or faith stuck in as an afterthought. These people are believers. Jessica may have lost her way for a while, but she came back to God and learned to walk with Him and trust in Him.

Historical fiction is a love of mine. If you share that love you should give Tracie Peterson a try. She has many that I’m sure you will like.

About the author

51-NzQcLbjL._UX250_ Tracie Peterson

Tracie Peterson is the bestselling, award-winning author of over ninety fiction titles and three non-fiction books, lives and writes in Belgrade, Montana. As a Christian, wife, mother, writer, editor, and speaker (in that order), Tracie finds her slate quite full.

Published in magazines and Sunday school take  home papers, as well as a columnist for a Christian newspaper, Tracie now focuses her attention on novels. After signing her first contract with Barbour Publishing in 1992, her novel, A Place To Belong, appeared in 1993 and the rest is hisotry.  She has over twenty-six titles with Heartsong Presents’ book club (many of which have been repackaged) and stories in six separate anthologies from Barbour. From Bethany House Publishing, Tracie has a multiple historical three-book series as well as many standalone contemporary women’s fiction stories and two non-fiction titles. Other titles include two historical series co-written with Judith Pella, one historical series co-written with James Scott Bell, and multiple historical series c0-written with Judith Miller.

Visit Tracie’s web site at:


Lucy’s Quilt by Joyce Livingston

This book contained what the publisher calls a “bonus story”. It is definitely a wonderful added bonus.

Description of Lucy’s Quilt

As a rancher and deputy, Stone Piper has his hands full. Since his wife, Lucy, died, the busy widower has wanted to bring his two sons home to live with him. After years of consideration, he’s finally found the woman to make that possible. Juliette Baker is a young widow with a baby son. She longs to have a home of her own and a loving husband – but Stone’s proposed marriage of convenience isn’t exactly the stuff of her dreams. When solutions to life’s difficulties only serve up more trouble, can this unlikely couple learn to rely on God’s wisdom to make things right? Will the discovery of Lucy’s quilt bring Juliette and Stone together – or tear them apart?

My review of Lucy’s Quilt

The premise of the story is good. An older (just 15 years  older so it’s not too bad or icky) man who is a widow with two young boys to raise proposes a marriage of convenience to a young widow lady who has an infant son. That part I’m fine with.

The part I have a little trouble with is Juliette. I tried to remind myself that she is young, her emotions  could be all over the place.  I told myself that she has a six month old son, her husband is dead, her family runs a hotel that is going to be sold, and she may soon be homeless. These are good reasons for her to react oddly. I just need to get past this trouble I have with Juliette’s character.

I liked them becoming a family. I liked her come to Jesus moment. I liked Stone’s come to Jesus moment. I liked them asking God to forgive them for being afraid to trust Him to work everything out the way He intended. I liked how happy they all were when they allowed God to take the reigns. The quilt played a nice role in the story.

So overall, I liked the story. Gave me things to think about when I write my own characters. Will people like my characters and emphasize with them or will they be irritated with them?

Give this one a try and let me know what you think.



About the author

Unknown Joyce Livingston

Joyce Livingston has done many things in her life (in addition to being a wife, mother of six, and grandmother to oodles of grandkids, all of whom she loves dearly). From being a television broadcaster for eighteen years to lecturing and teaching quilting and sewing, to writing magazine articles on a variety of subjects. She’s danced with Lawrence  Welk, ice-skated with a chimpanzee, had bottles broken over her bead by stuntmen, interviewed hundreds of celebrities and controversial figures, and many interesting and unusual things.But now, when she isn’t off traveling to wonderful exotic places as a part-time tour escort, her days are spent sitting in front of her computer, creating stories. Joyce became a widow in 2004. In 2008, she married her Sunday school teacher, Pastor Dale Lewis (who had also lost his spouse). and became a pastor’s wife, serving daily with him in his ministry.

About Terry Houchin

Hi, my name is Terry Houchin. I live on the on the Gulf Coast of Texas with my husband of thirty-eight years and our two dogs, Miley and Shadow. I have two grown sons and a grandson. I am a retired teacher who loves gardening and reading. I am currently working on writing a novel.

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