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The Pool Boy’s Beatitude

January 8, 2016
Pool Boy's Beatitude
DJ Swykert
Rebel ePublishers
July 20, 2013


Description of the book

In space, the expansion of the universe exceeds the speed of light. In a jail cell the speed of light slows, time ages and deteriorates slowly to a crawl.

Jack Joseph understands physics. He understands the nature of quarks, leptons, dark matter and the desire to find the God particle. What Jack doesn’t understand is Jack.

He has a Masters degree in particle physics, an ex-wife, a sugar mama, a passion for cooking and chronic dependencies he needs to feed. He cleans pools to maintain this chaotic lifestyle.

Spinning about in a Large Hadron Collider of his own making, the particle known as Jack is about to collide with a particle known as Sarah.

My review of Pool Boy’s Beatitude

Jack Joseph is a troubled man. He is a physicist who works as a pool boy. So right off we know that something isn’t right. Why is someone, who obviously is a smart man, working as a pool boy?

Jack is an alcoholic, but that is only one of his problems. The alcoholism ruins his marriage and a DUI lands him in jail. He has plenty of time to try to figure out where he went wrong.

They say you have to hit bottom before you are ready to change.
Alcohol, drugs, sex….none of them really helped him get what he wanted. They eased his physical cravings, but something was always missing. He just couldn’t put his finger on what that elusive something was.

His wife has had enough and kicks him out. With nowhere to go and no one to be with he falls into his usual pattern of drinking. It may not solve the problem, but he’ll feel better about it if he is drunk. Then he meets Sarah. There is an immediate connection. He wonders if she might be what’s been missing in his life.

This was an interesting read.

This book was given to be by the author in exchange for an honest review.



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