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The Truth About The Sky

June 15, 2016
The Truth About The Sky
Katharine Grubb
Christian Fiction
Plume of Doom Publishing
September 19, 2013


Description of the book

As a Pastor’s kid, Kim has been told her whole life that God can see every mistake she makes. Now that she’s a college dropout, unemployed and in a questionable relationship with a party guy, her mistakes are all the more obvious. (Especially to her demanding mother, who, apparently, thinks wearing jeans on a commercial flight is a sin.)

If only she could move away! Then she could hide from gossip and no one would see her mess up!

Kim can’t move to Dallas unless she saves her money, so she swallows her pride and heads back to her childhood church to reluctantly serve as her father’s secretary. Her mother makes it clear: Kim better get her act together!

Not only is the church watching her, but Kim is also bothered by her theme obsessed mother; a creepy mortician who wants to court her; a sad, but good-looking music minister (whom she may or may not have been kissing) and her childhood friend, Eddie, who, as a lawyer, has an inexplicable interest in lawn care. Even if God was in her childhood church, Kim would be too busy and discouraged to find him.

Then her father is caught in a scandal — one that challenges her already shaky faith and her dysfunctional family. She has to choose: will she run away from critical eyes to Dallas as quickly as her car can take her? Will she be as critical and condemning as her own family has been to her? Or will she take her brother’s advice and believe, for the first time in her life, that God’s grace is as big as the Oklahoma sky?

My review of  The Truth About The Sky

What a witty story about a southern pastoral family. The characters in this book could be the people I grew up with or the people I go to church with. (or me and my family) Katharine definitely knows more than a little about the inner-workings of a church.
The characters are wonderful! We all know people like these people. We live amongst them, we are them. Flawed, and hoping and praying no one sees how messed up we are. Some, wishing to move somewhere where no one knows them and starting all over again with a clean slate.
The story shows several characters who find that God loves them just the way they are. These are the best parts of the story. We have seen the struggles of each individual in the Roche family and we get to see how they come to terms with the grace God has given them, and whether or not they accept God’s unconditional love.
A very heartwarming, witty story. I loved it. Katharine Grubb has written a wonderful novel. I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.

About the author


Katharine Grubb was born in northeastern Oklahoma. She was raised in the Tulsa suburbs, attended the University of Oklahoma, taught school, wrote stories and then shocked everyone by moving to Boston, Massachusetts to be with a man she had been e-mailing for nine months. She married that man, and with him had five boisterous children. Nowadays, she still lives in Massachusetts, homeschools her children, bakes bread, does ridiculous amounts of laundry and sets her timer to write stories in ten-minute increments. She believes in this so much she created a Facebook group for it (10 Minute Novelists) and she runs a website for the group: Her favorite type of books to read and write are quirky, imaginative tales of romance, faith and humor.

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