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What Were You Created For?

September 15, 2015

Life isn't aboutfinding yourself,it'sI tend to look at things from a teachers perspective. I can’t help it, I was a teacher for  twenty-seven years.  There tends to be a predictable set of characters in every class each year. Every class has a “Class Clown”. The one kid who thinks it is his/her duty to entertain the others. Doesn’t matter what the consequences might be. It is just worth it to make the others laugh and as often as possible.

The top dog, for lack of a better way to describe this boy/girl. You know the one I’m talking about. Everybody wants to be this person’s friend. They will blindly do whatever this person asks. They will copy this persons clothing choices. They will play any game this person wants to play even if they don’t like it, just so they can be near this person.

The smart one,  there’s always at least one that stands out. The kids that are like sponges, taking in everything you give them and thirsting for more. Learning comes easy for them.  Any question you ask, their hand is the first one up, eager to answer. They usually get 100’s on every quiz or test. You are constantly searching for things to keep them challenged.

Then comes the problem child. The disruptive one, the one you want to figure out. Why is he/she acting out? Problems at home, learning disability, or just plain mean spirited. These are the ones who tug on your heart. The ones we want to nurture.

Since it is the beginning of a new school year and I have no new children to try to decipher this year (because I am retired I am doing the happy dance) I started thinking about what we are all created for.

We aren’t created to be the class clown, or the top dog, or smart one, and certainly not the problem child. We were created to bring glory to God. We should be on a journey to find out what God created us to be. Then how we can bring glory to Him through our actions and deeds.

Can God use a class clown, top dog, smart one, or a problem child? Certainly He can, and He does every day. Every one of His creations are loved and have the ability to serve Him. It is up to the parents to raise the child up knowing what he/she was created for. Loving God with all their heart, their minds, and souls. This will bring honor and glory to Him.





About Terry Houchin

Hi, my name is Terry Houchin. I live on the on the Gulf Coast of Texas with my husband of thirty-eight years and our two dogs, Miley and Shadow. I have two grown sons and a grandson. I am a retired teacher who loves gardening and reading. I am currently working on writing a novel.